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Jun 3, 2015 |


The COMPOSE PLATFORM enables new services that can integrate the Internet of Services with the Internet of Things. Connected devices are associated to services that can be combined and managed in a standardized way to build innovative new services. Compose platform allow to manage connected devices and define their interaction.

So Compose platform marketplace allows small & medium enterprises and innovators to introduce new Internet of Things enabled services and applications to the market in a short time and with limited initial investment.


  • Connect standalone devices to the Internet
  • Manage the data of your devices and share them with your developer community
  • Deploy
  • Monitor



In particular the following tutorials would present how to use the glue.things paltform. Glue.things Mashup Dashboard offers an intuitive, Web-based interface for improving the method of application development for the IoT. Developers can connect, manage and monitor their devices with glue.things Device Manager. The objective of glue.things is to build an open and extensible hub for WoT applications. Moreover the glue.things platform is built on established Open Source technologies for device integration and communication, composition of data streams and distributed deployment of these compositions. The glue.things dashboard supports the development process with features for device and data management, aggregation and manipulation of device data streams and distributed deployment of data stream mashups.


So, in order to start using the glue.things Platform, login into the glue.things dashboard (or register on it if you have not an account yet):


After that, you are into glue.things Platform.


Then in “user profile” you can find your user token and the glue.things token. You can use these tokens for further usage. In particular:

  • glue.things token is the token for the authentication in the glue.things platform
  • access token (user token) is the token that the users get when they login through the IDM system into glue.things platform. Moreover this token will be used by any developers that want to perform operation on the servIoTicy platform through the glue.things dashboard (e.g. push/get data, etc…).



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