The Project

COMPOSE is creating an ecosystem for unleashing the power of the IoT via an easy transformation to an IoS. COMPOSE technology enables the creation of base services, composite services, and applications stemming from and operating on smart objects.


Compose Project


The vision of the COMPOSE project allowed to advance the state of the art by integrating the IoT and the IoC with the IoS through an open marketplace, in which data from Internet-connected objects can be easily published, shared, and integrated into services and applications.
The marketplace provide all the necessary technological enablers, organized into a coherent and robust framework covering both delivery and management aspects of objects,services, and their integration.
  •  Object virtualization: enabling the creation of standardized service objects
  •  Interaction virtualization: abstract heterogeneity while offering several interaction paradigms
  •  Knowledge aggregation: creating information from data
  •  Discovery and advertisement: of semantically-enriched objects and services
  •  Data Management: handle massive amounts and diversity of data/metadata
  •  Ad hoc creation, composition, and maintenance: of service objects and services
  •  Security, heterogeneity, scalability, and resiliency: incorporated throughout the layers