Create your first “Hello world” app

Jun 3, 2015 |

Following an example in order to develop your first app with the Node-RED COMPOSER tool.

After your login in the glue.things dashboard, go to “Composer” page:



Following an example in order to create your first app (an app that sends an email with a message you inserted):

  • insert your “inject” work flow node, double click on it in order to open payload specification and select for example timestamp (in the window on the right you can find also some info about the work flow node)


  • insert for example “function” node and connect it to the “inject” node. Double click on it in order to configure the function purpose. For example, as described in the following figure, insert a message to be show via email


Following you can find the javascript code:

    msg.payload = "My first message with glue.things COMPOSER." + msg.payload;
    return msg;
  • then insert for example “email” work flow node, in order to send you the message inserted in the payload message before from the COMPOSER platform. Fill in all the info requested as in the following figure:


  • then you have to “deploy” your first app with Node-RED Composer. If you did all correct you receive a message of successful as in the following figure:


  • then click on the work flow node “inject” in order to start your first app, as in the following figure. If you did all correct you receive the email with the message payload


  • finally, if you want to save your app, click on the “Save” button and insert a name for your app.

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